1 April 2010: Look out for our News and Crier advert

30 March 2010: ‘Where do they stand on strike?’, Cambridge News
24 March 2010: ‘Can politicians win back voters’ trust?’, Cambridge News
24 March 2010: ‘Let’s have more apprenticeships’, Cambridge News
22 March 2010: ‘Science in the service of society’, House Magazine
18 March 2010: ‘Saucy attack on Conservative volunteer leaves him red-faced’, News and Crier
17 March 2010: ‘Which way will Lib Dems go?’, Cambridge News
17 March 2010: ‘The Young Ones’, Bright Blue
16 March 2010: ‘Tories pledge to reignite “entrepreneurial engines”‘, Cambridge News
16 March 2010: ‘Tories aim to play ketchup after street sauce attack’, Cambridge News
11 March 2010: ‘I stand for a strong economy’, Cambridge News
9 March 2010: ‘Not-so-super loo’, Daily Telegraph
9 March 2010: ‘Superloo 150yr loss’, Sun
9 March 2010: ‘Tory’s call for united focus’, Cambridge News
8 March 2010: ‘Superloo 150 year pay-off shock’, Cambridge News
5 March 2010: ‘Messages from Cambridge’s four major party candidates’, Varsity

26 February 2010: ‘Out on the doorstep’, Church Times
26 February 2010: ‘Target bogus colleges’, Cambridge News
18 February 2010: ‘Politicians in city cycle tour’, Cambridge News
18 February 2010: ‘Union Sketch’, The Cambridge Student
12 February 2010: ‘Politicians take city scenes on two wheels’, Cambridge News
11 February 2010: ‘Calls for “plug to be pulled” on fire centre’, Cambridge News and Crier
11 February 2010: ‘Cambridge politicians go head to head’, The Cambridge Student
11 February 2010: ‘Candidates’ 2020 vision for Cambridge’, Cambridge News
10 February 2010: ‘Job centre steps worn by feet of unemployed’, Cambridge News
9 February 2010: ‘Calls to scrap fire control centre costing taxpayers £160,000 per month’, Cambridge News
8 February 2010: ‘Election candidates to clash at public debate’, Cambridge News
3 February 2010: ‘Cambridge student to stand for Labour in Council elections’, Varsity

26 January 2010: ‘Come clean on science funding’, Cambridge News
25 January 2010: ‘Let battle for Cambridge commence’, Cambridge News
25 January 2010: ‘Activists air their concerns to MP’, Cambridge News
22 January 2010: ‘Tory election hopeful Nick gets Tinkerbell’s vote’, Cambridge News
21 January 2010: Letter to The Cambridge Student on university funding
21 January 2010: ‘Zeichner wrong on cuts claim’, Cambridge News
14 January 2010: ‘Russell Group warns cuts could cripple universities’, The Cambridge Student
13 January 2010: ‘Witch set to stand in general election’, Cambridge News
8 January 2010: ‘Snow White’, Cambridge News (Photo from this website featured)
7 January 2010: ‘ID minister cancels visit’, Cambridge News
7 January 2010: ‘High-speed rail link plans move forward’, News & Crier
5 January 2010: ‘Historic building funding slashed’, Cambridge News

31 December 2009: ‘Pressure grows for high-speed rail link’, Cambridge News
30 December 2009: ‘”Get tough on crime” call – after 279 assaults on Pcs’, Cambridge News
29 December 2009: ‘City boasts region’s 8 costliest streets’, Cambridge News

29 December 2009: ‘Children caught with guns, knives and drugs’, Cambridge News
23 December 2009: ‘Steal if you need to’ gets short shrift’, Cambridge News
14 December 2009: New Tory to ‘tackle anti-social behaviour’, Cambridge News
13 December 2009: ConservativeHome
8 December 2009: Time to take your pick from election hopefuls, Cambridge News


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