Nick will be participating in the following hustings events in the coming weeks. Not all of these are public meetings and people wishing to attend them should confirm with the event organisers directly.

Past Events

5 May – BBC Radio Cambridge Hustings Broadcast
2 May – St Barnabas General Election Hustings
30 April – St Luke’s at Castle Hustings
30 April – Anglia Ruskin University Students’ Union Hustings
29 April – Democracy Club/Power2010 Parliamentary Hustings
28 April – Emmanuel URC Election Question Time
27 April – Independent Live Pre-election Debate
27 April – Stephen Perse School Sixth Form Hustings
26 April – Long Road Sixth Form College Hustings
25 April – King’s College Parliamentary Hustings
23 April – Indian Cultural and Community Meeting
22 April – NO2ID campaign Question Time
22 April – Cambridge Assessment hustings
20 April – Peterhouse College Hustings
20 April – Cambridge News Interview
19 April – BBC Elector Speed Dating Event
19 April – Wintercomfort Help the Homeless Hustings
18 April – St Bede’s Inter-Church School Hustings
16 April – Cambridge City Mosque Address
15 April – Cambridge Network Entrepreneurship Hustings
13 April – Star FM interview
12 April – Papworth Trust Centre Disability Hustings
9 April – Cambridge Wordfest Hustings
6 April – Cambridge Cycling Campaign Hustings
9 March – Clare College Hustings
4 March – Hills Road Sixth Form College Hustings


  1. Hi Nick,

    I sat in the audience for tonight’s hustings at St Bedes School taking notes, but I chose not to make myself known to you on this occasion because you seemed quite busy afterwards.

    My overall impression was that you gave a competent performance although it was difficult to match Juniper’s oratory skills. The Labour man came over as a typical sneering leftie and is unlikely to win many friends, but should not be dismissed despite the many ‘disagreements’ he says he’s had with the Labour Party hierarchy.

    The real danger as I see it comes from the Lib Dems who have the impetus in that they already hold the Cambridge seat. The way surely to take both them and the UKIP man out of the equation is to concentrate on the waste of belonging to the EU and promoting the view that Britain’s membership needs to be renegotiated at the very least, with a massive and cost-effective reduction in our contributions.

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