Posted by: Nick Hillman | 16/10/2010

Victory for Cambridge commuters

In recent weeks, Marks and Spencer’s lorries have been causing chaos during the morning rush hour at Cambridge Station. Their lorries were arriving at the busiest time in the morning and then reversing into a small space outside the station. This blocked the taxi rank, stopped cars entering and exiting the car park and caused problems for cyclists and pedestrians, as well as causing safety concerns.

After a campaign led by Nick Hillman, the Conservatives’ general election candidate in Cambridge, Marks and Spencer have now agreed to alter their delivery and collection arrangements. The full story is covered in full on the website of our excellent local radio station STAR 107 here:

Nick Hillman said:

“Until now, Marks and Spencer’s lorries have been causing havoc at Cambridge Station during the morning rush hour. The problem was not just an inconvenience. There was a real risk of an accident involving the thousands of schoolchildren who arrive each day.

“It’s fantastic news that Marks and Spencer have acted so quickly after I raised my concerns. It’s no wonder they are such a successful company if they always respond to complaints so quickly.

“I just wish National Express were equally responsive on the terrible bicycle facilities at the station. Cambridge Conservatives will continue campaigning for other sorely needed improvements at the station.”

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