Posted by: Nick Hillman | 05/05/2010

Why first-time voters MUST vote Conservative on May 6th

Below is the letter I have written to first-time voters in Cambridge, as featured in today’s Cambridge News.

Dear X,

I’m the Conservative Candidate in Cambridge and I’m writing to everyone who has turned 18 since the last general election to encourage them to vote on May 6th. I live in Cambridge, I studied at Cambridge University and I trained as a teacher in Cambridge schools. So this city means a great deal to me. I want to make sure we have an MP who will fight for our needs at Westminster.

Despite what you may have been told, the contest is wide open. All three of the main parties – Conservative, Labour and LibDem – have represented Cambridge in the past 20 years. And the latest local polls show this election is too close to call. Your vote really could make a difference.

I hope you will consider voting Conservative because I believe we have the best policies for Britain’s future. In particular:

  • We will start sorting out the economic mess now – if we do not start tackling the Government’s debts, then younger people will be paying the bills for decades to come. We will not implement Labour’s tax on jobs, which would make it harder for people to get work.
  • We will offer new opportunities to young people leaving education – for example, we will provide 150,000 more apprenticeship, pre-apprenticeship and further education college places each year.
  • We will deliver 10,000 more university places in 2010 – we are the only party with a clear policy for tackling this year’s university entrance crisis.
  • We will put environmental issues at the heart of government – we will introduce a new Green Deal to help householders insulate their homes, provide a new focus on renewable energy and work towards a new international agreement on climate change.
  • We will spend more than Labour has on the poorest countries in the world – and we will focus this spending on those most need in of help. This is particularly important to me as, in the last three years, I have been to Zambia, Rwanda and Ethiopia on charitable projects.

There is a lot of talk of a hung Parliament, where no one party has control. I can understand why this might seem appealing. But we face such serious problems that I believe it would be better to have a strong Conservative Government that can act to resolve the problems we face now.

Many thanks,


PS Whatever your views, please make sure you vote on May 6th!

Promoted and printed by Stephen Frost on behalf of Nick Hillman, both of 153 St Neots Road, Hardwick, Cambridgeshire CB23 7QJ

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