Posted by: Nick Hillman | 05/05/2010

Hillman supporting Hillman in front of Hillman

Vote Blue, Go Green!


  1. You found it! Well done! I know this has been an ambition of yours for some time.

  2. Anouther academic, with a bike and an alotment i supose. Change you must bekidding ! How are you going to represent the man in the street ?

    • Thanks Bob. Sorry no allotment and I’m not an academic – I am a keen cyclist though! Have you seen my Election Address page?

  3. Wow, this looks cool! Hope to see you driving around Cambridge in it tomorrow…

  4. The day before the General Election and your top tweet is you finding a car that its been ‘your ambition for some time’ to get…

    • Not sure what your point is but I have always thought politics should have a fun side too alongside the more serious one – otherwise, how are political parties going to entice new people to get involved? I have plenty of other recent blogs on more serious issues for those who want that, though I note that more people than usual have chosen to comment on this post, including you – so clearly it has hit some sort of chord! For the avoidance of doubt, there will be at least one more serious post before the polls open. All the best and make sure you vote!

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